10 Best and Affordable Gift Ideas For Your Husband.


Struggling to find gift ideas for you husband on his birthday. I have round up some of the best and unique gift ideas for his birthday which you can give. Explore unique gift ideas for your husband and make him feel special on his “birthday”.

A well thought of gift for your husband, would be a personalised gift. You can even create many personalized gifts for your husband or you can choose online as some of them are available online. Those are the best gifts for husband. So, no matter what your husband does or what his profession is you can get a gift for him related to that. What’s more, if your spouse is truly extraordinary and none of the topics coordinates your preferences, you can simply go for the “Customised gifts”.

*Shower gel
*Hair products
*Book – if he loves to read in his leisure time.
*Gaming Console – if he is gaming freak
*His Own “Grooming Kit”
*Branded Whiskey Glasses
*Cuff links
*Key ring
*Personalised Gifts (photo frame, t-shirt, coffee mug,pen,cushion,calendar)
*Pen holder
*Thermos flask/sippers/shakers
*Mens accessories
*Chinese puzzle/Rubik’s cube
*Bottle opener
*Health and fitness products
*Remote control helicopter
*Game for PC/PS3/PS4/X-box
*Phone cover
*Swiss Army knife
*Gym Essential : if he is daily gym goer.
*Shaver set
*A “surprise” gift : tickets to see his favorite movie/play/dinner date/concert/flash mob dance.
*Stress ball

I hope you like this blog and this would help you choose the best gift for your husband. If you have any suggestion or new ideas of gifts please do share with us.




Women Dresses Under INR 1000

Who doesn’t love to wear different dresses for different occasion. But oh do you have a budget constraint? Worry not. I am here to solve all your problems giving you a lot of options to choose from for your dresses just under INR 1000. Now you can purchase them online without any restrictions and look fabulous on your special day making your appearance jaw  dropping like WOW!!

Here is the list of dresses you can buy within 1000

1.Fit and Flare Silk Dress : This fit and flare dress is perfectly sits at your waist and flares up in the bottom. This dress is universally fit for every body type making you look more beautiful and curvaceous.


Price : Rs 399

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2.Mini Dress with cross strap : If you have sexy legs and you love to flaunt them then, this dress is for you. The perfect pink colour with beautifull laces and cross strap at back adds  a touch of sexiness and make your look even more playful.


Price : INR 779

Buy Here : Mini Dress with cross strap

3. Crepe Long Dress : This dress is of Indo-Western style enhancing your beauty and look much more. This exotic collection will add a charm to your look making your appearance look more feminine. Best for weddings,party,festivals.


Price : INR 888

Buy Here : Crepe Long Dress

4. Tunic Dress : With a ribbon in the middle with amazing quality it becomes one of the most loved outfit by women. When you really don’t feel like dressing up, this dress will make wonders for you making you look even more beautiful than from normal days.By seeing its price it makes worth to buy it.


Price : INR 399

Buy Here : Black Tunic Dress

5. Bodycon Dress : You have figure that you are proud of and want to flaunt it in your own way then this dress is best for you. Tight fitting, body hugging this dress shows your curve efficiently dressing across edges of your curve. Perfect for Hourglass bosy shape.


Price : INR 935

Buy Here : Bodyfit Dress With Short Sleeves

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Best 5 Lip Care Products For Dry Lips Under INR 500


Winter is coming and so the dryness. We have already started to take care of our skin but why leave behind our lips. Being the most sensitive and delicate part of our body, they truly deserve the best care and treatment for sure. With beautiful moisturized and shiny healthy lips you can get a perfect diva look be it at date or workplace or a romantic dinner.

But with so many options available in market, to choose the best one would be bit exercising so, i have compiled the best for you all based on reviews and use to get perfect pout.

1.Oriflame Lip Balm with Organic Honey : Get The perfect moisturized hydrated lips with this Oriflame Lip Balm. It soothes dry and chapped lips restoring lips moisture. It contains all natural ingredients.


Rating : 4.9/5

Price : Rs 249 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Buy HereOriflame Lip Balm with Organic Honey 

2. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer SPF 15 : This intensive lip moisturizer is specially for chapped lips with UVA and UVB protection. It doesn’t feel waxy and has fragrance-free colorless efficient stick. 


Rating : 4.3/5

Price : Rs 158 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Buy HereNeutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer SPF 15

3. Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm : This one is the best if you want to make your lips soft and light for all season. Made up from natural ingredients it is rich in nutrients and vitamins claiming to reduce pigmentation. So hurry up and buy this budget friendly lip balm.

3Rating : 4.0/5

Price : Rs 350 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Buy Here Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm

4. VLCC Lovable Lips Lip Balm Cherry With SPF 15 : Enriched with goodness of jojoba oil,almond oil and vitamin e this lip balm helps your lips to revitalize and hydrate them. With pleasant fruity fragrance it glides on lips making them look glossy. 


Rating : 4.0/5

Price : Rs 250 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Buy Here VLCC Lovable Lips Lip Balm Cherry With SPF 15

5. Maybelline New York Baby Lips Candy Wow, Cherry : Maybelline New York Baby Lips Candy Wow is the whole new lip color balm with richness of nutrients and color. Best if you want color with moisturizer on your lips.


Rating : 4.0/5

Price : Rs 275 (Inclusive of Taxes)

Buy Here : Maybelline New York Baby Lips Candy Wow, Cherry

So girls pucker up! Shop for these best lip products to soothe your lips and get healthy nourished lips this winter for soft and kissable pout.


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Have  you ever faced a situation where you could just hope and do nothing? Well i believe most of you will say yes. It is very obvious to come across such circumstances where you are left with nothing but just a hope. Life is a long journey and so some or the other day we have to face it. We do take risks with a “ hope “ that it may turn out to be positive .

In my last blog i have mentioned the tips to take best decisions for your life . But have you noticed that best decision comes with a HOPE. Each time we choose a decision we consistently craving that it may end up with a good and constructive decision.

It is very well said by Martin Luther King Jr “ we must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope . Infinite wish is a way to overcome temporary hindrances or failures to one’s goals.  Where there is hope there is a way.  Wish or desire is a way that keeps a person optimist about the outcome whether it is regarding job or career or choosing partner or any surgery anything. It is always said hope for the best and prepare for the worst. We should try to be optimist in all possible phase of life no matter what . Positivity gives us a hope and hope gives us optimistic result. If there would be no hope then no one will come up with an idea of opening a start up , no will prepare for competition exams ,none of the doctors would perform surgery and so on. This world is based on hope , without hope our lives will be meaningless.



Hope is like the feathers to our dreams. Every person works hard ,struggle and face hardships to fulfill their dream, to live a standard lifestyle but i think when a person works with an aspiration it is assured that they will achieve success. In INDIA there is a great saying “Umeed par duniya kayam hai” that means the whole world or universe is based on hope.


Success comes in many ways. Sometimes they teach you lesson, sometimes they reward you. Learn from all probable step of achievement .Not every time it is necessary you will achieve victory or a positive outcome but remember we should certainly  assure for a brighter tomorrow in spite of the darkness we are facing today. When you get in an odd state where everything goes against you and you could not hold on for a minute or longer, never give up then. That condition or state may take a turn and things may change to be favorable and beneficial.Our whole life is based on hope whether it is our love life not working or our professional life not finding stable job or family problems conflicts between the members of a family , we inevitably wish that it will end one day .Every other day we face problems or difficulties but we overcome it because we have a believe that it will end the bad time will pass on and there will be a brighter side of it.

I presume my blog would help you in bringing a positive result in your entity and make you more stronger living your life with a hope.


7 Best Decision Making Techniques


Have you ever faced dilemma in making decisions whether it is personal or professional? Well it is a common problem that every individual faces someday or the other as no one is so perfect in making right decision.Everyone faces a situation where we have to take a decision for their life whether it is choosing a life partner or a good job or a good house or anything, big or small every decision affects your life in some or the other way. At times, in rush to achieve things soon we take our decision in haste which may turn out to be a wrong decision as we do not consider the significant aspects that may helped us in making right decision.

It is obvious that the decision you take may turn out to be right or wrong. That totally depends on how much you have evaluated the situation. It is necessary to consider all aspects practically. The outcome of your decision must not depends on what feels right as feelings sometimes changes dramatically one day to next day.

Here are some tips to which can help you to take right decision in your life.

1 ) Don’t fear of consequences: Don’t think too much about the consequences of your decision. Even great leaders had taken the wrong decision in their life but the fear of taking wrong decision and its consequences never stopped them from achieving success .We get to learn if we made a wrong decision. It helps us in future. You should be confident about your decision which you have made.

2) Consult an experienced person: It is a good thought if you take advice from someone who is more experienced than you as they may have faced such situation in their life once in awhile. They may not assure you for something but will help you out to take the decision good for you.

3)Don’t make a decision influenced  by your emotions: Decision-making is a daily basis process, we anyhow come across it whether in our personal lives or at work or in any other situation. If we try to follow authentic decision-making guidelines then we can improve our decision making skills and learn to make confident, strong,successful choices.Don’t take a decision which is purely influenced from your emotions.Although there are times when there comes a place for emotional decision-making but those decisions often leads to a lack of explanation and justification.

4) Social pressure: If you think you are making a decision on the note what others want then think again. You must take a decision in favor of yourself which would help you further and not what others think or need. Don’t feel pressure and take decision quickly. It may lead to wrong decision which you may regret afterwards.

5) Have a Second opinion: Don’t stick to one decision. Find the other way out for your decision. You must try to have a second opinion about your decision as a backup plan.There are alternatives for each situation.Think about them and choose wisely what you want to choose.

6) Pros and cons : Take into account all the important facts whether it is good or bad , make a list of all and assess the implications of each outcome i.e. consider the risks of each outcome.Writing the pros and cons for each option is also one way to choose the correct decision for you. There is cons in every situation so rather than counting cons you must weigh which one is more significant.It is the old technique and also one of effective way to make a sensible decision.

7) Gut feeling : Lastly I must say the decision which you have taken by gut feeling is not always wrong. Sometimes it is good to listen what our instincts say as they are not always wrong.You can deal with any consequences of that decision which may or may not arise later on. In many cases, taking a bad decision is still a lot better than taking no decision at all.

I hope all these techniques will help you in taking better decisions in your life and and get success at each and every situation.

10 Best Ways To Use Your Free Time

Most of the people have an ample amount of time as free time. They can use it as they want whether by watching television or playing or just by sleeping. Using your leisure time effectively may have a huge impact on your lifestyle which you may be unaware of. I believe that scheduling your time cannot be a good option because then you don’t use your time freely as you want.

Using your time effectively is necessary as it directly affects your mind and health. It depends from person to person how they use their time.Most people feel by watching TV they are actually giving rest to their mind but it’s not true. Psychologists consider TV to be junk for the mind. It is having a negative effect on brain functioning.

However, what happens if you don’t fill that open time?

From a survey it has been found that approximately 95 percent of people focus their extra time on entertainment while rest of them invest their free time on education for beneficial output.

Here is the list of healthy and productive ways to spend your free time.

1) Exercise – Rather than sitting at home and doing nothing you can opt for doing exercises. Exercise can be done in many ways. Choose an exercise that you love to do and make sure to do it willingly every day in a week for about 45 to 50 minutes. A healthy amount of exercise will not only keep your body fit but also make you feel fresh for the rest of the day. A good soothing music along with exercise will be an added advantage for your better workout. Examples:Walking, Running,Yoga, Dancing,Weights,Swimming , tennis and many more.

2) Reading – If you love reading books then this is certainly the best way to use your spare time effectively. Fiction or non-fiction whatever it may be you should read new topics as it not only helps in improving our concentration but also helps in increasing your knowledge in various fields.Reading needs practice. For the new readers it may take time to concentrate on a book for long periods .You can’t sit down and read for hours when you don’t read often. You develop this ability over time, the same way that you develop strength by exercising.

3) Walking – What if you took a 30 minute walk every day in your free time? If you do not want your body to get tired by doing exercise you can even choose to go out for a long walk or jog. It would improve your health which will lead to more efficient brain function. Early morning walk is much healthier . Over the time you will notice that going out for a walk or jog will make you feel so refreshed that it will become a part for your daily schedule.

4) Brain Games – Why not try something different from watching TV in your free time. Play games that challenge you and keep your brain sharp. You can find many brain games online like Sudoku,puzzle,treasure hunt and many more. These brain games helps to improve mental skills. From health point of view gaming is better than watching TV as gaming requires variety of aspects of brain to be active.

5) Meditate – Need to get relaxed in a peaceful way then meditation is the best option. Sitting quietly and relaxing helps in improving the concentration power along with regulating mood and anxiety disorders. Meditation is highly recommended if a person is suffering from depression and stress. Sit quietly for at least ten minutes a day and see the changes in you.

6) Learn something new – Try to learn something new in every time you get a chance to. Scientists have found out that learning new skills that require a certain level of intensity can actually help your brain grow. Learning something new will help your skills to develop in different area thereby increasing your potential. Learning a new hobby is a great way to relieve stress and make you more creative.

7) Personal care – In life there are various ways to do small things smarter that can have a significant impact on your quality of living. The best way to spend your free time productively would be by taking care of yourself i.e. your personal care. Whether it is your skin that needs to be taken cared of, your personal hygiene that needs to be maintained, your nails that need filing or your hair that needs to be oiled you should look into it. Only when you look good can you feel good.

8) Start writing a blog – There are numerous number of people across the globe who invest their free time on blogging. You can also start sharing your views or experience through a blog. Your blog could be on anything on any topic that interests you like cooking, travelling, science and technology, sports anything. No matter how unconventional your blog may be if your blog is interesting you will be able to attract a numerous number of people. Communicate your ideas with other people.

9) Spend time with friends – In today’s busy schedule it is impossible for us to take time for our friends or families. Spending your time with your friends or close ones will actually help you in relaxing both your mind and body.Researchers have found that people are happier when they are with other people than when they are alone.

10) Part time job – You can also choose to do part-time jobs in your free time and earn money. There are many part-time jobs that can done from home like you can be a tutor or web researcher or anything which you would love to do. Rather than wasting your time sitting on a couch you could earn money easily sitting at home which will make you feel good about yourself.

Who Are You?

Tell me something about yourself” , this question is very common still most unanswered or not responded clearly by an individual. It is truly said that no one can know you better than yourself but when it comes to describe yourself in front of others so that they may know you better why most of us are left with a blank option basically in an interview especially for the freshers applying for their first job .

Way of introduction may be different from place to place or person to person. Introducing yourself in parties or meetings is far different way than introducing yourself in a job interview. You are more comfortable to introduce yourself in parties or meetings as there is an informal way to introduce yourself so, you successfully manage to do so as there is no chances of mistake but when it comes to any job interview then most of us start fumbling with our words especially when we start our introduction in “English”.But it is necessary that one must be really careful and professional in their words and action while introducing oneself in professional interview .

Why does this awkward situation occurs in most of our lives? I may be either due to lack of confidence or due to lack of communication. It could be improved by you yourself. Speak to yourself daily about you, find a proper way to present yourself in front of others, take a note of different things which you would include while presenting yourself. Be concise with your introduction as no one will be interested in listening a story of yourself. Be calculative enough to choose the words which we are using to describe ourselves.Using positive words such as enthusiastic,innovative,creative,self motivated and so on  which would help in enhancing your personality. But do not forget to include your drawbacks also. It is not mandatory to include all your drawbacks but yes it is good to include it with an positive outlook so that your drawback or weakness may not unveil your personality with an negative image. Present yourself with an skillful and expertise image so that all your weakness may get overlapped by strengths.